Handing out a business card is more than a staple of networking, it’s your first chance to stand out from the crowd and make a great impression. That’s why printing custom business cards with die cut features is an excellent choice. Die cutting allows you to make a wide range of changes, from subtle shapes to full-on features formed of negative space.

When making custom cards, we often think of extras such as finishes, spot UV varnishes and foil features. Die cut business cards turn subtractive design into added beauty that can amplify the effect of your design.

Logos and Icons
One option for die cut business cards is to cut your logo out of the paper instead of printing it. Your branding will pop to anyone holding your card. If your logo isn’t the right shape for this to work you can always cut out features or a make a faux frame to make it stand out.

Another option is to use relevant and recognisable icons for your die cut features. This works especially well when you want to print business cards but your logo is too detailed or simply not the right form for die cutting.

Classic shapes such as tiny stars or hearts might work for some businesses, while others may use more specific motifs. For a tool shop or company, cut-outs of tools would stand out. A veterinarian could have the silhouette of a dog or cat, a restaurant could have knife, fork and spoon – you’re only limited by your imagination when using icons in your design.

Card Shapes

Rounded corners are a basic way to deviate from the traditional rectangular card shape. Die cut business cards allow you to go further with this concept by changing the corners and flow of the cards shape in a multitude of ways.

For example, you could cut a subtle dip into one side of the card for a nuanced approach. You could cut a notch off one corner, or off alternate corners such as the top left and bottom right for a dramatic look. Finally, a totally unique shape could be just the right bold move that makes you stand out in your industry.

If you decide to use die cutting when you print business cards, Printroom can produce amazing results for a great price. Enquire online or call us at 1300 661 200 today to get started.