Like most things, business card designs move through trends and it’s important to stay on top of them if you want your organisation to remain relevant. Your business card is like your first impression, and you don’t want that to be something that’s daggy or outdated.

These are our three main business card trends to expect in 2015: check them out and make sure you’re staying ahead of the game!

  1. Low Polygon Designs


polygon-designSource: Design Maz


Source: Discount Printing


Source: Discount Printing

2. Use of Negative Space

Sometimes less is more, especially when you’re designing a modern business card in 2015. Using negative space to drive home a design is becoming more and more of a popular route.


Source: Card Faves


Source: HJMT


Source: Discount Printing

3. Technology Is King

In case you weren’t aware, technology is rapidly infiltrating itself into every aspect of our lives. Don’t panic; just embrace it in your brand spanking new 2015 business cards.

There’s many ways of using technology, but one big way is through the use of QR codes. This is a symbol you can scan using your phone that takes you directly to a website – an easy way to get people to your website!


Source: Wamda

Thoroughly inspired? We hope you are! When it comes time to actually implementing your newfound ideas, talk to Discount Printing about our killer business card printing services.

Make 2015 the year you nail it with your business card design!