1. Update those details

Still rocking it out with a fax number? Does your photo resemble someone you haven’t seen in the mirror for 30 years? It might be time to branch out and update your contact details, photo, and other information you’re sharing.



2. Get modern with 2015 designs

All of our calendars are set to 2015, but is your marketing material? Launch yourself into the present day by keeping up with the trends – it’s not as hard as you might think!

For example, low polygon designs are “tres chic” in the design market at the moment, and can really liven up your business card design.



Another growing trend is that of utilising simplicity to get a message across: gone are the days of trying to cram every single bit of information possible on one tiny space.



3. Pick your colours carefully

What’s that? The colours of your design don’t really matter, you say? Wrong! They matter a lot, and there’s actually psychology behind the way people feel about certain shades and hues – that’s right, science.

That means it’s essential to choose your colours wisely.


4. Utilise social media

You’ve heard it (probably) time and time again that social media is here in a big way, and it’s certainly not going anywhere. If your business has managed to jump on the bandwagon and create a social media presence, then that’s a good first step, but you can still expand on that with your marketing material.

Including details of your social media on your business card allows customers and people you network with to easily connect with, whether that’s on your corporate Facebook page, your personal LinkedIn profile, or wherever!


5. How does it feel?

While the use of technology is only getting more prominent, you still can’t beat the tangible, physical presence of paper in hand. However, what kind of impact is that going to have if your business card is a flimsy, thin little piece of paper?

Poor quality paper will reflect on you or your business being of similar quality, and no one wants that. And it’s easy to fix as making sure you print on thick artboard! We recommend around 310gsm.

So think your business cards have a bit of room to improve? Check out Printroom’s business card printing services and let us help you improve your networking game tenfold!