When it comes time to get information about a company into the hands of its audience, there is no solution as versatile or proven as printed brochures for business. Whether a business is promoting a particular product, a new offering, or supplying information about a new project, brochure prints provides the space, portability, and print quality necessary to make an impact.

Brochures – a Book for the Back Pocket
Brochures are fantastic tools for business because they fold, which saves space and provides a tactile element to the experience of reading them. They combine the depth of a small book with the convenience of a flyer, and by dividing content into smaller slices the customer is able to absorb the material at their own pace. Photographs, diagrams, text, and other data points can all be separated logically by the folds in the brochure.

Brochures – Fold ‘Em and Hold ‘Em
Another benefit folding brochures offer is ease of storage and distribution. Brochures pack flat, and are great for mailbox drops and convention handouts. They can be mailed or left at significant points of customer engagement such as near checkouts in shops. Handed in passing or after a meeting, the folded brochure is easy for the would-be reader to store, and because of that it is more likely to be read.

Brochures are a crucial point of engagement between your business and your customers. When you are designing brochures for business there are a number of things to consider, such as size, folds, paper source, and quantity. If you want to print quality brochures for business at a cheap price, Print Room is here to help