Valentines Day. You either argue that it’s designed solely for the florists and chocolatiers of the world to make a pretty penny, or you’re a hopeless romantic and go completely overboard. But both camps would agree on one thing: it’s always a good idea to reflect on the traits of your partner that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

Now think about the products or services your business offers – the ones your customers will fall in love with. What do you want people to know about these products and services? Is the information accessible?

Whether your marketing materials need to be freshened-up, or created from scratch, now is the time to make it happen with our sale on brochure printing. Maybe it’s the smell of roses, our sugar high from eating too many chocolates, or the waft of love in the air, but we’re feeling generous. Printroom can help you design a brochure to make your customers fall in love with you. So here are three common mistakes made on brochures and how to avoid them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mistake One: Thinking you can do it all.

Avoid it: A poorly designed brochure is ineffective at attracting new business and a waste of your valuable time. There’s a specific technology and art to producing an effective brochure. Selecting the correct font, spacing, backgrounds, and borders – it’s a delicate process. Plus there are a whole host of additional points you won’t have even considered until you’re up Photoshop creek with no paddle. Unless you boast years of experience in graphic design and have state-of-the-art brochure printers in your spare room, you best leave this one to the pros.

Mistake Two: Printing brochures that contain no purpose or call to action.

Avoid it: What is it that you want customers to do when they read your brochure? Is it an educational brochure? Do you want them to call and buy? Or do you want to generate interest around a new product? Start with an aim, build the content from there, and give customers the information they need to get in touch.

Mistake Three: Artwork, artwork, artwork. There are either no pictures, too many pictures that aren’t related to the text, or you provide poor quality images that come out pixelated or blurry.

Avoid it: Give your customers visuals – not everyone is a word person and your job is to capture the attention of as many people as possible. Make them relevant to your purpose (see point two). Provide high resolution, high quality, 300dpi images. Bonus tip: a QR code linked to a web-based video is another fantastic visual tool.

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