Should you Make your own Business Cards?

As a new startup business owner, one of the things which has probably crossed your mind is whether you should purchase business cards, or make your own business cards. There are a number of free and paid software solutions online which enable you to create your own business cards and then print them out using a standard home or office printer.

Is this the best way to go? Well, there are two things to take into consideration if you want to design your own business cards: Price and Quality. The main problem is, if you compromise on one of these, the other one suffers also. Want high quality business cards? You normally have to pay a premium. Want cheap business cards? Well – your quality is probably going to suffer.

If quality is not a major issue then simply go to Google and search for ‘free business card software’ or something like that. You should be able to find software to help you design and print your own; just be careful they fit within Australian standard business card sizes. Beware though – your quality is going to suffer if printing out on a home printer. Not only will the print quality be poor, but you will also have to find high quality paper/card to print your own business cards on (which is normally quite expensive anyway). A poor quality business card can have a damaging effect on your brand. If your business card looks cheap, that means your brand looks cheap, and this doesn’t look good in-front of prospective clients.

So how do you print business cards without paying the earth for them? That’s where Printroom comes in. At Printroom we can provide high quality business cards using the latest printing technology, however as we print everything in-house, this means we have lower overheads than many of our competitors and we can pass those savings onto you. Cheap and High Quality – just what you are looking for.

So, next time you think about designing your own business cards, think about Printroom instead.

Printroom can also assist with the production of business reports, business stationery, reports, direct mail, training books and calendars for your business.