The end of the current financial year is very close. It is an important and busy time for all businesses across the country. One of the tasks which get top priority is creating annual reports for company investors, stakeholders & customers. Annual reports are an important part of a company’s communication strategy. They have the power to instill confidence in your investors by displaying the company’s performance and focusing on the future plans.

Annual Reports

Enclosed are tips for creating an impressive annual report for your company –

Plan well ahead – The closer we get to the end of the financial year, the busier it gets. This makes it hard to focus on a complex process like creating an annual report booklet. The key is to plan in advance before things start to get busy. Brief your designer, get the content in place, contact a booklet printing company and start creating the report. This way, more time can be spent on improving the report rather than just getting in into place.

Include engaging content – Annual reports need not always be boring in nature. By including engaging content and using various visual elements wherever possible, you can make it an interesting read. Work with your designer and illustrator to create interesting infographics instead of plain graphs. This is also a good way of presenting a large amount of information without making it too text heavy. Another way is to use high quality images which will help in communicating the idea. Collect stock images which are relevant to your company and industry in advance and use them in the report where it can be relevant.

Finalise the template – A template is a good place to start. Once that is final, all the content can be added to the report. Try looking into previous year’s report to get an idea of the theme that is followed. Speak to your designer & colleagues to work out sample templates. Ensure the template includes sufficient company branding. And from that stage, finalising an approved template will not be difficult.

Select a good printing company – It’s crucial that you work with a professional printing company for your annual report so that the final look and feel of the report is just as professional. Many factors can influence the effectiveness of the report – paper quality, paper size, type of printing, finishing and type of binding as per your requirement. The variations can be endless as per your requirement and can be customised as well. Choosing a printing company who can deliver all this at a cost effective price is a challenge. So make sure you find an online printing company who can provide great quality in a reasonable budget as well.

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