In this Digital age, companies ensure that wherever their brand is present online, they have appropriate branding. This ensures the brand’s customers identify it and follow it eventually. Similarly, it is very important that the branding is visible at all customer touch points. But how do you select an effective envelope for our business?

Envelopes are one of the most important branding elements for a business. For various stakeholders including customers, board members and employees, a branded envelope can act as a first & regular point of contact with the brand. For example – when the stakeholders are sent documents like notices, newsletter, invoices, offers, contracts, salary slips, etc. This is an opportunity for a brand to showcase its creativity and highlight its brand to the target audience.

Enclosed are tips on how to select the right envelope for your business.

Keep the design same across mediums – It is very important to keep the branding similar across various mediums like social media, in store branding & branding on documents. If it’s different, the customer may get confused and end up going to a competitor brand.


Break out of the clutter by using a new design – If your brand guidelines allow for a modern & artistic design to be used for your business envelope, it can help in giving more visibility for your brand. Even though this is the digital age, a good & different looking envelope attracts customers as it will have a different touch and feel to it.


Simple Envelope

Keep it simple, but classy – For a corporate brand, using artistic designs is not always possible. Try customised designs based on the design concept of the brand. It can be far more engaging compared to a ready template design. Most of the large multinational companies normally used a simple customised design for branded envelops.

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