The holiday season is upon us! Besides spreading goodwill and cheer, it is also the time to start designing Christmas cards and send them to your clients and contacts, to let them know that you appreciate them and that you take your client relationships seriously.

When done correctly, these holiday greeting cards can differentiate your company, create a great impression, and remind your clients that you exist.

As you start preparing for the jolly season, here are some mistakes you should avoid when working on your Christmas cards.

Not branding the card

Sending a generic card can work, but it would also very likely be forgotten and ignored. So why not go a step further and customise your card by including some branding? This is especially helpful to remind your contacts about your business. Plus, some of your recipients may need an extra cue to help them remember how they have worked with you.

Consider putting your business name and URL either in your signature or on the envelope, or include your company logo in the card. Dropping a business card in with the greeting card can be another option.

Not including a personal note

Personalise the card by adding a personal message. One of the purposes of sending these cards is to reinforce the bonds between your business and the recipient. Make time to write their names in the card, along with a brief message.

If time does not permit, or if there are way too many cards to send out, you may wish to keep the message basic but sincere. And remember to hand sign each card to demonstrate that extra effort.

Using inappropriate messages

Although the Christmas cheer is contagious, remember not everyone celebrates the holiday the same way. You may want to consider sticking to generic images and messages that are not overly religious.

At the same time, as these cards also represent your business, steer clear of racy humour and messages that promote drinking or partying too hard.

Including a sales pitch

Use these Christmas cards as a sincere expression of thanks and to show appreciation to your customers and contacts. Although the temptation to use the cards for marketing is there, try to avoid it.

This is not the time nor way to tell people about holiday sales and discounts, or new products and services that are coming soon. Trust that your business name and logo on the card will be enough to keep your company in your customers’ minds.

Let the card be what it is meant to be: a thoughtful and personal greeting to further build relationships.

Keep these tips in mind and you are on your way to creating thoughtful Christmas cards that your contacts would love.

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