The very first banners appeared in 1300 BC. Made simply from wooden poles topped with various ornaments, these rudimentary creations were designed to keep order among the masses.

In ancient Rome from 44 BC – 1400 AD, noblemen hung banners at the entrance of their homes to draw attention to their class and stature. By the 15th century, knights charging onto the battlefield carried banners, and in the 16th century elite samurais wore them, so that fighters could distinguish between friend and foe.

In the 1840s, British workers attended May Day parades, carrying with them trade union banners made from silk and wood, showcasing their hopes and dreams for the future. By the 1900s aerial advertising banners were being pulled behind aeroplanes high in the sky, and in 1993, the first clickable banner ad was sold to a firm in the Silicon Valley.

No matter the time or place, one thing remains clear: when you have something to fight for, or something important to say, you say it with a professionally printed banner. And while the word ‘banner’ itself comes from the Latin ‘bandum’, which is a cloth out of which a flag or banner is made, the materials used in banner creation these days, have evolved from cloth to something a little more practical.

Here at Printroom we’re moved on from silk and wood to bring you polypropylene professionally printed banners mounted on aluminum stands. But what does this mean for you? Well, we’re glad you asked, because here’s something we prepared earlier – 7 benefits to printing your banner the Printroom way.

1. Polypropylene is a glossy material that prints beautifully. Your graphics will look crisp and eye-catching – the perfect combination.

2. This material is smooth and flexible, meaning you can roll your banner up nice and small and transport it with ease.

3. Unlike poster paper or other fabrics, polypropylene resists creases. So when you unroll your pull up banners at your next trade show, you can rest assured it will look just as sleek and smooth as the day it was born.

4. Polypropylene is weather-resistant enough for short-term outdoor usage – this saves you the time and costs associated with laminating.

5. It’s affordable! So if you need a new banner for each new conference, or you run a business that launches products on a regular basis, you can get a new banner made with us each time without breaking the budget.

6. Polypropylene is one of the most environmentally neutral plastics. It contains only two elements – carbon and hydrogen – and generates only carbon dioxide and water when it burns.

7. While some printing companies use plastic stands, we use aluminium. Why? It’s lightweight and durable. Transporting your banner will be a dream. Much like medieval knights, Japanese samurais, and British trade workers, you should use your banner to fight. The warriors of the past fought for lives, hopes and dreams, and working rights. What will you fight for? Whatever it may be, you can get in touch with us here at Printroom so that we can assist you with all your pull up banner printing needs.