When’s the last time you actually wanted to stop and talk to a salesperson peddling product in the middle of the shopping centre? You know the ones – they stand in between the deli and Coles offering 10% off your gas bill, information about becoming a lifesaver, unicorn tears – anything really – just to get people to stop and chat. Think about how often you’ve witnessed other people stop to hear them out. Now think about the number of people who’ve just kept walking. The walkers always outweigh the listeners don’t they? That’s why using event flyers are a great way to advertise.

Fact: People are time poor.

So what do you do if you have an upcoming event and you want to spread the word far and wide? How do you fill people’s minds with your information when they are already full of shopping lists and errands? How do you target people who have so little headspace to receive your words? Two words: flyer printing. Sydney is home to over 4 million people and not only can flyers help you target your niche, they will give your audience the opportunity to absorb exactly what you want to tell them in their own time. 

Fact: Flyers will broaden your reach. 

Sure you can keep targeting people in shopping centres, but you can also drop flyers in letterboxes, slip them into newspapers, or hand them out with the sale of products.

Fact: Flyers are tangible.

Once that piece of paper is in the hand of a reader, you are halfway to getting your message across. Which brings us to…

Fact: Flyers encourage creativity. Creativity helps you get your message across. 

Whether you are opening a new restaurant, hosting an information evening, or launching a new, highly anticipated product, your main message needs to be clear. Get creative with fonts, images, and colours to grab the reader’s attention.

Fact: Cheap flyer printing is one easy phone call away.


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