Training Books FAQs

Find out more about our training books through the questions and answers below.

What are training books?

Training books are effective tools especially in induction programs, when you want to introduce your company's rules, processes, equipment and more to your new employees.

What are your binding options?

We wiro bind our training books.

What is the best size for a training book?

Most customer either select A4 or A5 size.

Do you offer a Print-On-Demand service?

Yes. We can produce any number of books per order.

I need help with my design.

Sure! We have a team of specialists that will be able to help you with concept and design. Get in touch today and we can get to work immediately!

I am convinced, how should I proceed to order?

Awesome! You can complete this form to submit your order, get in touch with us through our live chat on the website, or call us at 1300 661 200.