Pull Up Banners FAQs

Have a question about our pull up banners? Let us help you.

Should I get a pull up banner?

Pull up banners are ideal if you frequently participate in expos and trade shows. They are portable, relatively lightweight and easy to transport. They are especially useful when you haven

How much do the banners weigh?

Depending on the banner you select, the banners can weigh between 2kg to 10kg.

Can I use the pull up banner outdoors?

If you are looking for something for outdoor use and travel, we'd remmend the Deluxe Pull Up Banners. These come with a higher grade brushed aluminium base, giving the pull up banner better support.

Does your pull up banners have a long lifespan?

Pull up banners can generally last a long time, depending on your care and maintenance. We use scratch resistant polypropylene paper for our pull up banners, and they are installed on brushed aluminium base. We also include a carrying bag, so you can ensure that your banners are safely and properly kept when it is not in use.

How do I make my pull up banner stand out?

Firstly, be selective in the information you use. Your aim is to capture attention with some well used words, not bombard every passer-by with too much details. Use colours and fonts that represent your brand effectively and that also stand out tastefully. Most importantly, use good quality plastic, to ensure that your pull up banner lasts much longer.

Is the Pull Up Banner wind and waterproof?

We have several other options of wind and waterproof products, such as outdoor banners and flags. Please contact us directly for more details.