Poster Printing FAQs

Have a question about our poster printing? Let us help you.

What is the main difference between Small Format Posters and Large Format Posters?

Small format is printed on our A3 digital printers whilst any size greater than A3 is printed on our A1 digital printers.

What are the sizes available for Small Format Posters?

Any size up to A3.

What should I keep in mind when designing a poster?

It is crucial to use high resolution images and graphics, so your poster looks good when printed to its actual size. Also, choose backgrounds that are solid colours, since gradients and transparent elements may not always print well, even though they look nice on screen.

Can I see a proof before the real thing is printed?

Please ask for a soft copy proof via email.

What can I do to keep cost down?

We know how important it is for businesses to have effective marketing tools without breaking the budget, and that is why Printroom offers exceptionally low prices on uncompromisingly high quality printing services. We are ever ready to help, so contact us today to discuss more!

What file format should I prepare the design in?

You can use non-compressed file formats such as TIFF, EPS or native Photoshop files when possible. If you need to use a compressed file format like JPEG in your design, make sure the image is saved with 'Maximum Quality' settings. For more information about image quality and colour, please go to our Print Helpdesk page.