Envelopes FAQs

Some commonly asked questions about our envelopes.

What kind of sealing options do you offer?

Most envelopes are either lick n stick or peel n seal.

Can I have my envelopes made in other papers besides white paper?

We have an extensive range of envelope papers to choose from.

How many colours can I have on my envelope?

We can offer single colour and CMYK printed envelopes.

Can I print recipient postal addresses on my envelopes?

Yes, most personalised mail has a recipient postal address.

I do not really know how I want my envelopes to look like.

Not a problem! Our expert assistants are ready to help you choose the best solution, with templates and design ideas ready to go.

Should I print custom printed mailing envelopes for my business?

It is definitely worth considering. Custom printed mailing envelopes will help you create a professional impression in business communications, and also make your letter stand out from the pile.