Direct Mail Printing FAQs

Find out more about our direct mail printing through the questions and answers below.

Is direct mail marketing still effective today?

Absolutely! Even in this digital day and age, direct mail marketing is still considered one of the most effective ways to reach your customers.

Can I choose a paper stock?

Yes. We offer an extensive range of papers to suit the requirement.

Can I send you documents created in Word or PowerPoint?

We can accept practically any file format. We just ask that the data file is presented to us in an excel spreadsheet. We will take care of the rest.

Is there a minimum or maximum order quantity?

We can offer a quantity of 1 up to any number.

Are you able to mail my prints directly to my recipients?

We can handle the entire requirement from concept to lodgement.

What are some design tips to implement a successful direct mail marketing?

It's always good to personalise each mailer with names, and use high quality pictures to make your piece engaging and interesting. Remember to include a call to action, as well as your business contact information.