With Compliments Slips FAQs

Have a question about our With Compliments slips? Let us help you.

What are With Compliments Slips?

With Compliments slips are pieces of papers that are designed in your brand theme, and it pretty much contains the same information as your letterhead or business card. These slips are normally used to thank people, show appreciation and more.

Must my With Compliments slip design be the same as my letterhead?

Not at all. Although most companies might prefer to use the same design to standardise their branding and theme, you are only limited by your creativity and imagination.

Do I really need them?

Yes! In this digital era, customers are often looking for a personal touch, and you can create that by sending them a handwritten note on your With Compliments slip.

What is the usual size of a With Compliments slip?

The usual size of a With Compliment Slip is 210mm x 99mm.

What papers do you offer for With Compliments slip printing?

We generally offer 100gsm Laser which is great for either hand writing or laser printing messages.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is 1,000, but you can contact us for more options.