Calendar Printing FAQs

Have a question about our calendar printing? Let us help you.

What kind of a calendar can I create with you?

You can choose from wall calendars, desk calendars, stapled calendars, wire bound desktop calendars, and even fridge magnet calendars. You will be spoilt for choice!

Fridge magnet calendars!

Yes! Fridge magnet calendars are a cost-effective way to keep your brand on your customers

What paper do you use for your calendars?

For the internal monthly pages, we use 150gsm gloss paper, while for the front and back card cover, we use either the 300gsm or the 310gsm card, depending on which product you choose.

Am I able to add text to specific dates in my calendar?

We offer complete personalised calendars. Ring us for a template.

I want to use some photos for my calendar. In what size should I send my images over?

You can use non-compressed file formats such as TIFF, EPS or native Photoshop files when possible. If you need to use a compressed file format like JPEG in your design, make sure the image is saved with 'Maximum Quality' settings. For more information about image quality and colour, please go to our Print Helpdesk page.

Can you send me a hard copy printed proof before going ahead with my order?

We can either send you a soft copy proof or print a hard copy proof.

I'm interested in the fridge magnet calendar idea. How can I get a sample?

Please contact our sales team at 1300 661 200 for samples of our products.