Booklet Printing FAQs

Have a question about our booklet printing? Let us help you.

Can I have more than 24 pages in my booklet?

Booklets are generally saddle stitched. The most amount pages we are able to bind is 96pp.

What binding do you use for your booklets?

Currently we only offer saddle stitch binding for booklets.

Will the printing be exactly like what I see on my monitor?

If you are using a colour calibrated monitor than yes. However, if you are using a regular monitor your artwork will never be perfectly replicated on paper. Generally, all monitors and printers produce colours in different ways.

Can I use different papers for the cover and inside pages?

For an extra cost our customers can use any combination of papers.

What are trims and bleeds?

The 'trim size' is the final dimension that your printing job will be cut to. However, an additional 3mm 'bleed

What is a booklet used for?

Booklets can be used for anything - company newsletters, small magazines, catalogues, instructional manuals, and more.