Your Guide To Designing A Logo That Suits Your Business

A picture says a thousand words, which is why a logo can provide insurmountable value to your business. There’s a lot of pressure placed on one little image though; it’s got to represent and encapsulate the tone of your organisation all within a pixel limitation.

Don’t worry – there are some tips you can follow to make sure you get it right, and we’ve got the scoop right here.

What’s in a name?

A lot actually, to answer that question. The name of your business will greatly affect how you set about designing your logo.

Basically, there are two archetypes that you’re going to fit into:

  • If you’ve got a unique brand name, you can rely on that with a logotype design

For example…coca-cola-logo-1024x512

  • If you’ve got a bit more of a generic name, it’s smart to create a symbol that can be associated with your brand name

For example…


Reinvent the (colour) wheel

A lot of people don’t realise the emotional and psychological triggers that different colours can have. So before you go ahead and splash your whole logo with some bold crimson, make sure it’s going to be sending the right message.

And what is that message, exactly? This handy chart from Psychology of Color in Logo Design should help!


Don’t be afraid to do something different!

“Oh that famous person in history? They definitely got ahead by sticking to the routine and doing everything normally,” said NO ONE EVER.

If you want your logo to be memorable, dare to be a little different and creative. Like these fun brands did:



Once you’ve nailed the design, all that’s left is the distribution. That’s where we can come in – talk to Printroom about our printing services today to find out more!