We Specialise in Presentation Folders Printing So You Can Specialise in Excellent Corporate Presentations

Picture this: you’re presenting a series of new products to a panel of experts. Your company’s products have the potential to really shake things up. You should feel confident. Powerful. Instead, you feel shaken up. Your mind starts to go blank…

With millions of presentations taking place across the globe as you read this sentence, the above scenario is all too common. While we can’t magic your nerves away, we have compiled a list of tips to ensure your next presentation is as smooth as can be.

The four elements of a brilliant presentation.

1. Establish a purpose. Ensure you are concise and focused. Everyone in attendance will understand why you are there and why they are there.

2. Encourage participation. The people in attendance need to feel like their ideas are relevant – there is a point to their presence after all. Ask for feedback about the subject matter you’ve presented, or, at the very least allow time for questions at the end.

3. Use technology. Prezi, iPads, YouTube – utilise all the technological tools you can to make your point clearly.

4. Leave behind something tangible. You want your presentation to make an impact – a lasting impact. How?

Creating an impact during and after your presentation.

One half of the equation is the way YOU present yourself: make sure your shirt is ironed and you’re on time. It goes without saying that showing up late, with a takeaway coffee in hand, and asking around for a pen is not the best look.

The other half of it is how you present your company and its offerings. Your presentation serves to grab the attention of your clients, or prospective clients and fill their minds with information. But you must ensure your presence is felt long after your talk has finished.

After business cards and flyers, custom printed presentation folders are the most popular marketing tools for corporate businesses – and for good reason. Designed and created properly, a presentation folder will become a valuable leave-behind that will compel your client to act.

Dos and don’ts of presentation folders.

Your folder must:

• Tie into your online marketing with the use of logos and branding – it should essentially be your website in print

• Have a slot for your business card so that the person reading through the material has a personal contact on hand

• Encourage people to go to your site or social media pages for more information.

It must not:

• Overflow with data sheets. Sure there’s a lot of space to play with, but you need to leave people wanting more. They won’t proceed to your website otherwise. It’s a delicate balance.

• Feature too many different colours and fonts. Keep the design of the presentation folder consistent with the branding your client or prospect will find online.

The team here at Printroom understands that in the corporate world, image is everything. Which is why you should print presentation folders with us. Get in touch on 1300 661 200 to get started.