Make your presentation folders stand out in a crowd

If yours is a business that frequently participates in trade shows and organises corporate event, you will realise the importance of using sturdy presentation folders, that keep your papers in place without spoiling them. At events where you or your clients are constantly on their toes, having to network with people or move from one stall to another, a presentation folder doubles up as handy storage space comprising things you’re likely to require at any work related interaction.


While the opportunity for branding is significant with presentation folders, there’s more that can be done with them to ensure your clients hold onto them and make good use of them through the course of an event. The longer your customers hold onto your presentation folders, the stronger their recollection of your brand will be. This top of the mind recall becomes important when your customer is bombarded with information from competitors – something that’s bound to happen in a trade show with several businesses from the same industry.


So how can you ensure that your presentation folders make a strong impact on your customers? For starters, make them more useful. Adding pockets to presentation folders ensures papers can be stored in them safely, which would allow your customers to put all the brochures they get inside it. The pockets can also hold notepads, which are extremely handy at events.


Other elements you could add to the presentation folders include clips and pen holders. Binder clips and paper clips are the kind of stationery that are always useful, and your customers will surely appreciate being given things that would be of some use to them. A pen holder will keep the pen in place, and your customers can use it to make notes or fill out their contact details on forms whenever needed.


While producing presentation folders, it would be worth also including other merchandise in it that your audience can use later. While you could stick to adding pens, notepads and flash drives, you could take this a step further by providing souvenirs that relate to your business. For example, a refrigeration systems business could distribute fridge magnets, whereas a hospitality brand could distribute bottle openers.


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