Capture the heart and soul of any gig or music festival with quality poster printing.

If we turned back the music clock, we’d see that the earliest concert posters were relatively simple, featuring block letters on plain backgrounds. By the mid sixties, however, music posters were arty, daring, and highly innovative in their use of colours and lettering. Which brings us to today…

Coachella keeps it perfectly psychedelic depicting bio-bots bringing life to a barren desert; capturing the imagination of sun lovers everywhere.

Closer to home, Falls Festival makes it all the about the greenery – trees and tunes reign supreme, reeling in countless campers all across the country.

Splendour in the Grass utilises bold colours on a black background with symbols of peace, love, and food catching the eye – attracting hundreds of thousands of hippies to its haven.

Glastonbury makes it all about the text, while Groove in the Moo puts a scientific spin on things, showcasing planets orbiting around festival dates.

Whether we’re talking about a 1968 Jimi Hendrix Experience gig, Big Day Out 1995, or a 2008 Artic Monkeys concert, one thing is for sure: the accompanying concert poster is designed in such a way to capture the creative spirit of the music on offer. The heart of the concert or festival, what it stands for, what it’s about – these are all the elements brought to life by the colours, text, and imagery of the poster. Posters inspire music goers – they’re evocative. They’re iconic. They hang on the bedroom walls of fans across the world. They live on.

Posters are powerful.

The thing is, though, there are a number of technicalities to consider when it comes to poster printing Melbourne music lovers might be able to tell you who won Triple J’s Hottest 100 seven years ago, but our trained staff can point out which shade of blue best complements your chosen font. And unlike a ticket to the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, this experience does not have to cost an arm and both your legs. Simply call Printroom on 1300 554 690 to talk cheap posters.

What will you create?