Advertise your next community event with the right print collateral

Nothing brings people together quite like community events. There’s something special about strolling through a market to buy vegetables a farmer has grown themselves. Or purchasing a piece of jewellery handmade by the person standing behind the stall. These events bring a sense of homeliness to the neighborhood and its surrounds. Performances at the local theatre, as well as music festivals, have the same effect – when like-minds gather in one place – a sense of belonging takes over.


But to attract foot traffic to your next community affair, you need to get the word out there. If there’s nothing better than a packed marketplace or theatre hall to promote a sense of unity, then surely there’s nothing worse than the opposite: empty seats and stalls.


Make no mistake: when it comes to running a successful community event, advertising is key! The right print collateral will attract hordes of people to your event – and keep them coming back for more. But what is the right print collateral? We break it down for you below.


Flyers: When you invest in flyer printing, you can get creative with how you present your event. If it’s a Farmers Market, you can entice people with pictures of fresh produce and sticky toffee. If you’re organising a gallery opening, you can use striking images of artwork. Flyers are easy to disperse far and wide – you can pop them in the community newsletter, do a door-to-door mail drop, or simply hand them out on the street.


Pull-Up Banners: The best thing about pull-up banners is that they are durable and reusable. So if you have an event that runs weekly, then you can use the banner more than once. They are also portable and easy to set up, meaning you can advertise in different places from week-to-week, broadening exposure for your event. Most of all, though, they are eye-catching!


Posters: Hang them up at local schools, the library, theatres – anywhere you feel members of your community congregate often. Posters are versatile – not only can you put them anywhere, you can use eye-catching fonts and colours to really grab peoples’ attention. Although not as re-usable as pull-up banners, you can use event posters more than once – especially if you keep details general and are gentle when pinning the poster up and taking it down again.


Stickers: Drop a batch of stickers off at your local café and see if they can hand them out with coffee orders – better yet – ask if you can stick some to their cups to create walking advertisements. Alternatively you can print a batch of bumper stickers so that traffic can do the talking for you. Apply stickers to products, brochures, or just hand them out to pedestrians in the area. You can use a witty pun, or striking imagery – the design options are endless!


If you need to promote an upcoming event, look no further than Print Room – your one stop shop for advertising materials. Whether you simply need to print flyers, or go through an entire design process from start to finish, we have the tools on hand to assist you – and to get the job done quickly.