10 Of The Best Presentation Folder Designs

What’s the point of putting all that effort into a presentation if you’re not going to display it well? Make sure what you’ve got to offer is being displayed in a style that suits your organisation or message, by creating one memorable presentation folder design!

Here are just 10 of our favourites from the world of presentation folder designs, in no particular order, to help inspire you.

1. MR Systems presentation folder design



Simple but stylish, finished off with a clever use of their logo as a barrier to the documents held within the folder. This is a great design from the team at Company Folders.

2. 4FM presentation folder



This design from Behance creates a 3 dimensional affect that captures the attention and imagination of whoever lays eyes on it.

3. Ivy Hotel presentation folder



This Behance design for the prestigious Ivy Hotel isn’t going to suit every organisation, but it certainly fits their particular market, which is the important thing.

4. Gnomon School Of Visual Effects presentation folder



Another perfect example of choosing something that suits your specific business, and Company Folders have added a fantastic touch using the embossing technique.

5. Clay Street presentation folder



Simple can be a winning way to go as well, as proven by this presentation folder design from Behance.

6. Nike presentation folder



Nike cleverly incorporated their bread-and-butter motif into this presentation folder design from APE.

7. Events & Publishing presentation folder



So simple, yet so stylish… this events & publishing presentation folder from Behance really knocks the competition out of the park.

8. Safety Culture Snapshot presentation folder



Another Behance beauty, this Safety Culture Snapshot is super creative in its design and using third dimensional space.

9. Paul Fisher Real Estate presentation folder


This stand out presentation folder found on Pinterest takes a simple idea but really catches the eye.

10. Die Cut presentation folder


Die Cut utilises negative space perfectly with their crafty little cut out presentation folder design, found at Bashooka.

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